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Are the Chargers the Bad Guys?

June 16th, 2017 at 1:05 PM
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The Chargers have enjoyed a long career of being a flavor-of-the-week scheduling quirk for most NFL fans. Save for the AFC West, not too many fan bases give much thought to the Chargers. They are a team that doesn’t make too much impact year-to-year, for better and for worse.

One thing that the Chargers have long been known for, however, is that team from San Diego. That’s now in the past. They don’t even have the beachy-Southern-California market cornered any more. The other thing that the Chargers represent to the bulk of NFL fans is the idea that they are a perennial underdog. They aren’t on anyone’s radar for Superbowl odds. They’re a scrappy little team from down-west that most everyone and their mother would cheer for over one of the usual dynasty teams. They represent all that is good and fun about the sportâ?? that anyone can win if they just persevere; that a team represents the people that support them.

Well…they used to.

We have all felt a great disturbance in the sports.

There was a monumental change this off-season. Although it was a long time coming, the hammer finally fell to send the Chargers to LA. The main impetus for the move was pinned on the need to have a ‘state of the art’ football stadium for the …

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