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The Chargers Owed Rivers a New, Better Offensive Line

Building a good offensive line is good for the future, but they also owed this to Rivers. Anthony Lynn Is the Worst Head Coach in the League's Elliot Harrison recently ranked all 32 NFL head coaches from the very best (Bill Belichick, naturally) to the very worst (the Los Angeles Chargers' own Anthony Lynn). Now, Harrison was...

WATCH: Every Touchdown from LaDainian Tomlinson’s Historic 2006 Season

You can re-live every touchdown from LT's unforgettable 2006 season with this video from the NFL

Los Angeles Chargers Daily Links: How Important Was Lorenzo Neal to LaDainian Tomlinson’s Success?

Your daily dose of Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Do the Los Angeles Chargers Have a Soft Schedule in 2017?

Over at Rotoworld, Warren Sharp has taken a look at strength of the schedule for the upcoming 2017 NFL season using projected win totals from Las Vegas. The Los Angeles Chargers, despite playing in...

The Melvin Ingram Contract…According to Hoyle

By now, everyone is aware of the four-year, $66,000,000 contract (with $42,000,000 guaranteed) Melvin Ingram signed with the Los Angeles Chargers. It is a deal that has inspired much debate about...

Brandt: LaDainian Tomlinson a Top-Five Running Back

NFL Media's Gil Brandt ranked his top 25 running backs of all-time. Former Charger Ladainian Tomlinson cracked his top five.

Chargers Roster Breakdowns, 90-in-90: CB Brandon Stewart

Day 26 of 90-in-90 means we're looking at CB Brandon Stewart, one of the many young CBs hoping to break through onto the 53 man roster.

Chargers announce schedule for first Training Camp outside San Diego.

"The show must go on" and rehearsals will not be in San Diego anymore.

Rams, Chargers to hold joint practices

Los Angeles has two teams now and they will start to get to know each other this summer while waiting for construction on the stadium they plan to share to be completed.

Darren Sproles quietly has had a special career

The video of Darren Sproles running rings around opponents on a youth football field confirms he's been performing at a high level for a very long time.

Norv Turner not ruling out a return to coaching at some point

Norv Turner's taking a year off, sort of, but he won't be far from football. The longtime coach won't be on a sideline in the fall for the first time since 1975, but he's staying connected with the game and isn't ruling out a return to the profession.

The Mike McCoy Era, Defined (Part 3)

The dust has more than settled. Read what this writer has to say about the Chargers' last coach.

Shawne Merriman readies Chargers rookies for “things out of left field”

Shawne Merriman spoke to the Chargers rookies Tuesday, telling them to be ready for the unexpected in the NFL. "I came in with hype and a persona," Merriman said to the rookies, via the team website.

How much will the Chargers miss Danny Woodhead?

How important is Danny Woodhead to Philip Rivers and the Chargers' offense? Very, and the team doesn't appear to have a clear replacement for him.